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BigEars is easy to use ear training software for the PC and Mac OS X. Ear training drills include intervals, triads, scales and advanced ear training lessons on seventh chords, ninth chords and dominant chords, making it an excellent choice for the jazz student. Extended chords are played using shell voicings just as a jazz pianist would play them. BigEars is free to download and try.

BigEars was developed especially for the college-level music student, but any one serious about ear training can benefit from its use. The program allows you to work at your own pace and focus on just the chords or scales you want to study. The extensive sections on scales and modes and the altered and extended chords make BigEars a great study tool for jazz ear training.

You play exactly what you hear

This is a great video of noted jazz pianist Hal Galper explaining that we play exactly what our brain hears. The more vivid your aural imagination the more exciting your solos and compositions will be.

Ear Training Exercises for Beginners

Short articles for beginning ear training students that can help you get started with BigEars.

Ear Training Modules

  • Intervals included FREE
  • Scales
  • Triads included FREE
  • Seventh Chords
  • Ninth Chords
  • Dominant Chords

* Intervals and Triads are included FREE in evaluation mode.

Adjustable settings

  • Play intervals melodically or harmonically, ascending or descending
  • Arpeggiate chords or play block chords or do both
  • Select exactly the material you want to drill on
  • Adjust the tempo
  • Read Users Guide

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